Simon Crum

Who was Simon Crum?
...and what did he have to do with Ferlin Husky?

                                                  Ferlin Husky's "alter ego", Simon Crum 1956

During World War II, Husky served in the United States Merchant Marine for five years, entertaining troops on transport ships. His Simon Crum character evolved from stories he told at the time about a Missouri neighbor named Simon Crump. After the war, Husky continued to develop the Crum character while working as a disc jockey in Missouri and then Bakersfield, California in the late 1940s.
As Simon Crum, he signed a separate contract with Capitol Records and began releasing records under the Simon Crum name, the biggest of which was 1959's "Country Music is Here to Stay" (No. 2 for three weeks).  Ferlin continued to use Simon in his live performances, keeping his audiences captivated and in stitches, never missing a beat while simultaneously performing as multiple characters on stage.

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